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Drip Sweat is Washington Heights first Grouped Training Facility that offers progressive and measured workouts to help all members achieve their personal goals safely and effectively. Our hands-on coaches have a passion for fitness, but most importantly share a eager desire to help members unleash all untapped potential within themselves. At Drip Sweat, we train progressively with training programs catered to help build confidence, strength, and the body goals you desire. Be ready to not only challenge yourself, but also your fellow members with our state of the art heart rate monitoring system, which gives all our members the ability to track the intensity and progress of all workouts. Are you ready to Drip Sweat? 

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50 min fitness experience

Guaranteed to Drip Sweat with any of our high intensity programs.

NutriTional consultation

Because abs are made in the kitchen.

Ongoing fitness coaching

We can all use a little extra motivation. Especially when we're away from the gym. We GOT YOU!

Full service juice bar

Replenish with our full service juice bar. Studies show drinking natural juice aid in decreasing inflammation and increase recovery.


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Drip Sweat

2178 Amsterdam Avenue, NY 10032

Email: info@dripsweatny.com

Phone: 917- 265- 8143

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