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Meet The Team

The Drip Sweat team is committed to helping our members unleash their most untapped potential in a way that builds confidence, invites optimism, establishes mental wellness, and promotes physical transformation.

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Janice Rodriguez

CEO/ Founder

Janice’s passion for sports and fitness have been her lifeblood since her childhood. Janice was a versatile athlete, which naturally incorporated health and fitness into her daily life. After obtaining her bachelors degree in Business Administration and Finance, Janice began building a successful career in corporate banking.

After 5 years in finance, she decided to act on her most desired dream, to inspire a mindset and lifestyle change within the community where she was born and raised, Washington Heights. In 2018, she creatively merged both her love for fitness and her desire for entrepreneurship, into what is now known as Drip Sweat.

Janice’s vision for Drip Sweat is to build a diverse, supportive community where everyone can feel empowered, accomplished, and supported along their fitness journey. Alongside her team, Janice has designed Drip Sweat to deliver a favorable personal experience in a boutique environment, complemented by comprehensive nutrition education, and a full-fledged juice bar.

Janice's Mantra

“Trust the Process”


Max Castro

Lead Strength Training Coach

Maxiel (or Max as she’s known by most), is an energetic fitness trainer. Her one-hour total body classes are called Bodies to the Max, and they’re called that for a reason. Maxiel’s clients are taught that every part of the body matters, and she encourages each and every client to reach new heights in their fitness journey. Clients also get to engage the liveliest music during classes, as music has been a major part of Max’s fitness journey.

Max’s Mantra

“Anything’s possible, you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles.” – J. Cole


Joel Canela

Strength Training Coach

Joel Canela is an ISSA certified Elite trainer. He’s a strength & conditioning, glute and calisthenics specialist. His experiences from living in Madrid and traveling the world studying various classes. Featured on ABC7 NYC Calisthenics he mostly thanks his upbringing in Washington Heights towards his style of training. He encourages his Movement for Life philosophy into his classes because increasing one’s play span is the biggest blessing anyone can have.  .


​Canelas Mantra

"The fear of falling is really the fear of flying and who knows this just might be your year.”

Rolando Morales

Kickboxing Coach

Rolando (“Roc”) Morales is an advanced mixed martial arts fighter, and our lead kickboxing instructor. His specialty is centered in teaching the fundamentals of self-defense with trainees receiving a dynamic combination of kickboxing, physical, and mental strength training. Students experience the reward of pushing beyond their limits and practice physical and mental techniques designed to prepare them for conquering any obstacle that life may throw their way.

Roc’s Mantra

“Stop getting in the way of yourself, and watch as the possibilities become endless.”


Nicole Santiago

Soul Yoga Master

Nicole is a young Latina movement educator and healer. Born and raised in the city of Bronx, New York, her passion for yoga started in 2005 when Nicole began to seek out ways that would allow her to gain a sense of calm, control, and deeper connection to spirit, mind, and body. She specializes in traditional Hatha and Iyengar yoga. Her class participants are taught traditional yoga teachings that they’re able to carry with them on and off the mat. 

 Nicole’s Mantra

“May all beings everywhere be happy. May they be healthy. May they be at peace. May they be free.” – Metta Prayer of Loving Kindness


Gina Tibke

Strength Training Coach

Gina is NASM- CPT and a Virtual Coaching Specialist. Her classes incorporate high-intensity interval training, combined with muscle burn-out challenges, which will help you build lean muscle and burn calories in a fun and effective way. Gina’s  goal is to create a motivating atmosphere that will encourage people to work as a team to feel strong, confident, and most of all, HAPPY! You will leave Gina’s class with a smile on your face, knowing you pushed yourself to your limit, all while developing the strongest and happiest version of yourself! 

Gina’s Mantra

“On good days, work out. On bad days, work harder!”


Raul Llitera

Kickboxing Coach

Raul Llitera (or Raulo as he’s referred to by his clients), is a kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai instructor that’s aggressive with his kicks, but extremely gentle and patient with his class participants. While he’s known for his high intensity classes, Raul also works to engage individuals on a more personal level. His carefully crafted approach to teaching and instructing on the fundamentals of martial arts is designed to help class participants build confidence, self-esteem, and become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses so that they can learn to work past them.

Raul’s Mantra

“Never too late and you’re never too old to become better.”


Robert Hued

Yoga Master

An avid rock climber and former martial artist, Rob approaches fitness from the dynamic of community. His teaching style aims to create a space where clients can challenge themselves using their own body weight, in a setting that blends stretching techniques mixed with Hatha Yoga. Rob’s 50-minute classes are designed to help participants leave empowered, both mentally and physically. 

Rob’s Mantra

"What you don't change you are choosing."


Milton Carnegie

Boxing/Strength Training Coach

Milton Carnegie is a long-time NASM-CPT certified trainer. He specializes in HITT training, boxing, and Strength & Conditioning. In his spare time, he likes to compete in obstacle course racing. Beyond the physical benefits of his classes, Milton encourages clients to dig deep and push past their perceived boundaries both in and outside the gym.

Milton’s Mantra

"If you want to lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd." – Anonymous


Janela Bunke 

Strength Training Coach

Janela is a Nasm Certified Trainer and Certified Holistic Nutrionist born & raised in Germany. Moving to the US in 2016 she opened the gateway for her love to health & fitness and made it her mission to share this passion with the world! Her Booty Burn class is one of a kind combining heavy booty building exercises with low impact movement to tone.


Janela’s Mantra 

“You give life to what you give energy to.”

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